What is an Insider Tour?

Our roots go back to the 80’s, when we began trekking across Europe in search of the perfect beer. On one such trip in 1993 we “discovered” Cantillon. In a flash of inspiration — and to acquire more Cantillon — we decided to become importers. But we didn’t sell enough, so we hit the road again, finding more great but unknown beer to bring to America. For seven years there was no profit. But by the mid-2000’s, the years of traveling and hard work began to pay off. We had developed a reputation as the guys who could procure the world’s rarest, most authentic, obscure beers. And then magically deliver them to American corner bars and neighborhood shops. Shelton Brothers Importers had finally succeeded. But there was more to do.

For over 100 years Brasserie has been making traditional lambics. Join Shelton Brothers on tour!

In 2012 we realized a decade-long dream, and created The Festival. This was the first major beer event where aficionados could meet and speak with top international brewers, face-to-face. The Festival soon became a major US beer destination. But we had one bigger idea unfulfilled.

Nino Bacelle pouring some Cuvée De Ranke for the Shelton Brothers Insiders. Join Shelton Brothers on tour!

For years we’d dreamed of inviting beer fans to join us in Europe to share the experiences that first inspired us, and continue to inspire us. And to witness firsthand the world’s finest, most passionate artisans in their element. So in 2018 we launched our Insider Tours.

Trying some Catalunyan beers at Maestró in Barcelona. Join Shelton Brothers on tour!

Based on our own travels, these one-of-a-kind journeys have offered kindred spirits a unique opportunity: To see the world while forging lifelong friendships with brewers, with fellow travelers, and with us. The experience of connection has already proved truly rewarding for everyone at Shelton Brothers. And, based on response so far, rewarding as well for our brewers, and, most importantly, our guests. We look forward to rekindling old friendships and creating new ones in 2020.

Friendship through beer: Perhaps that has always been our goal at Shelton Brothers.

Urban Winkler explains why Klosterbrauerei Weissenohe uses open fermentation. Join Shelton Brothers on tour!

“Each trip has been a whirlwind of rambling fun, rustic countryside and some of the most notable traditional beers in the world. We’ve wandered the dark bierkellars below Annafest, drunk beer in monastic caves and had many memorable experiences in the breweries and the charming biergartens of the region. Now that these biery adventures are available to the general public I can suggest you pack your bags and go early and often.”

– Dann Pacquette (Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project)