Don’t just take it from us!

We are more than happy to chew your ear off about our trips, but sometimes it’s best to shut up and let someone else do the talking. Here’s what beer geeks and top industry professionals have to say about Shelton Brothers Insider Tours:



“My trip to Belgium and France with the Sheltons was the trip of a lifetime. Not only was it the opportunity to connect beers that began my obsession to the distant people and settings responsible for them – it was a joyous red carpet welcome at each and every stop. Whether you’re a beer supernerd or just like history and culture, these tours offer incredible value and access.”

Ian Ljungquist

The Well
Brooklyn, NY

“The Shelton Brothers tours of Belgium & France are an unparalleled insight into beer and culture”

Darcy Gibson

Fleetwings Distribution
Melbourne, Australia

“The Inside Tour being presented by Shelton Brothers covers a veritable who’s-who of the most passionate craft brewers in Belgium and France. As the U.S. importer for these great breweries, Shelton Brothers is uniquely positioned to provide a thorough and intimate tour of them.”

Phil Markowski

“Farmhouse Ales: Culture and Craftsmanship in the Belgian Tradition”
Stratford, CT

“We’ve gone back and forth countless times about what was our favorite part. Was it enjoying local cheese and charcuterie on the balcony of De Ranke while they plopped bottle after bottle onto our tables? Was it witnessing the last brew of the season at Drie Fonteinen, followed by an extensive tour of Lambik-o-Droom, drinking unblended young lambic from the barrel, and a surprise visit with Armand? Was it drinking Taras Boulba with Yvan of De La Senne all over Brussels? Was it when we were all ushered into the upstairs bar at Cantillon and invited to drink Magic Lambic before the tour? Or the surprise opening of vintage bottles after the tour with Jean Van Roy? For us, it might have been drinking Etoile de Nord in the sunshine on the family Thiriez’s patio.

It’s really impossible to decide.”

Delaware Supply (Bar)
Albany, New York



“Each trip has been a whirlwind of rambling fun, rustic countryside and some of the most notable traditional beers in the world. We’ve wandered the dark bierkellars below Annafest, drunk beer in monastic caves and had many memorable experiences in the breweries and the charming biergartens of the region. Now that these biery adventures are available to the general public I can suggest you pack your bags and go early and often.”

Dann Paquette

St. Mars of the Desert
Sheffield, England

“My trip with Shelton was so wonderful that I want to close the bar and take my staff on the same trip!  As a beer bar owner I have done a lot of beer related traveling, this Franconian adventure was the perfect mix of education and fun. The countryside is gorgeous (out of a picture book) and I can’t think of anything more sublime than relaxing in a Franconian biergarten in the middle of the summer. They took us off the regular tourist grid and despite being well traveled in beer they were places I’m sure I would never have seen had I not been with the Sheltons.”

Polly Watts

Avenue Pub
New Orleans, LA

“The good people at Shelton Brothers have been traveling to Franconia for two decades, so visiting this beer mecca with them offers unparalleled access to the very best — and often little-known — beers of the region. Throw in the opportunity to hang out with the brewers themselves, while touring the breweries or dining in local beer gardens, and this trip is simply not to be missed.”

Greg Engert

Beverage Director
Neighborhood Restaurant Group
Washington DC

“The Germany Tour with the Shelton Brothers in 2017 was one of our all time greatest trips. Touring the German countryside with Joel, Tessa, and Dan was truly an experience. Visiting multitudes of tiny family owned that we would have never have found with out their leadership, Dan’s numerous stories of his time living in Germany, visiting the famous breweries of Bamberg are just a few of the highlights of this well orchestrated excursion. Expect to enjoy stein after stein, lots of schnitzel, two great German festivals, and memories that last a long time.”

Mike Shatzel

Thin Man Brewing
Buffalo, NY

“This tour was amazing!  You can go to Bamberg on your own but this tour really takes you to some special places that you can’t just do alone. At Kulmbacher Bierwoche with the Sheltons we were treated like celebrities.  I’ve been in the beer business for over 15 years and it wasn’t until this trip that I think I finally understood and got the best explanation for Märzen by the owner of Weißenohe.  I look forward to going on this trip again in the future!”

Brett Hernandez

Redlight Redlight Beer Parlour & Brewery
Orlando, FL

“The Shelton’s surpass “behind the scenes” with their Franconia tour. They attained a perfect level of informality without sacrificing insight and expertise. It made us feel like we were visiting family abroad. Family that just happen to be creators and purveyors of some of the freshest, tastiest farm to glass beer in the world. The tour offered a variety of experiences, with options for freelancing as well, in beautiful venues from medieval cities to small villages. Based on the Franconia tour I didn’t hesitate to sign up for their next tour to the Belgian and the northern French countryside.”

Billy K.

Philadelphia, PA



“Traveling the Spanish countryside with Shelton Tours was a once in a lifetime experience. We explored remote areas, visited a centuries old Cava producer and got a chance to hangout, drink beers and check out the Godfather of Spanish craft brewing with a visit to Agullons in the countryside outside of Barcelona. The breadth of knowledge that was shared made it a totally unique and unforgettable trip. I would highly recommend taking part in their excursions. ”

Save Coleman

3 Stars Brewing Company
Washington DC



“The Shelton Brothers Tours are an amazing inside look of some of the greatest breweries in the world. The access you are granted is unprecedented and would be impossible on your own. I was lucky enough to bring a few of my buyers and the experiences we all had were priceless. I can’t wait to go back and experience more adventures with them.”

Chris DeCicco

DeCicco & Sons
New York

“I typically don’t do ‘tours‘ but on the Shelton’s Tours it’s like hangin’ with family & friends that know everyone, and introduce real people and the inside layers of local culture.”

Thomas Kerns

Big Island Brewhaus
Waimea, Hawaii

“It was literally the best trip I’ve ever been on and I travel quite a bit. For my business it was super valuable. I love and sell all of these beers and it deepened my connection with them. Every day I have been back at the shop my customers come in and want to know all about my trip because they saw my pictures.”

Scott Windsor

Windsor Homebrew Supply Co
Costa Mesa, CA

“Shelton Brothers Tours provide a truly unforgettable experience. The staff was professional, organized, enthusiastic and loads of fun. The handpicked breweries, restaurants, events and locations were truly special, thoughtful and many were one of a kind. The brewers and their families welcomed us as if we were part of the family. Lodging and transportation were extremely comfortable and reliable. I would highly recommend the tour to both industry and non-industry folks alike.”


General Manager
Coaltrain Wine & Liquor
Colorado Springs, Colorado