“Traveling the Spanish countryside with Shelton Tours was a once in a lifetime experience. We explored remote areas, visited a centuries old Cava producer and got a chance to hangout, drink beers and check out the Godfather of Spanish craft brewing with a visit to Agullons in the countryside outside of Barcelona. The breadth of knowledge that was shared made it a totally unique and unforgettable trip. I would highly recommend taking part in their excursions. ”

– Dave Coleman (3 Stars Brewing Company)

Barcelona & Beyond

October 25 – November 1, 2020

Barcelona and Beyond Tour

Several years ago, Dan Shelton began checking out the fledgling beer fests popping up in Catalunya, the northeastern region of Spain for which Barcelona is the capital. At first, the enthusiasm level far surpassed the technical. But when it gradually became clear that these do-it-yourself old-world pioneers could brew beers to rival those of Belgium, Britain, Germany, and the U.S., the Shelton Brothers ran with it, becoming the first and to this day, only importers to off the new beers of Spain to American drinkers.

Dan is a happy man at the Mediona Craft Beer Festival.Join Shelton Brothers on tour!

The passion of the new Catalan brewers is infectious, and the Shelton Brothers make it a point to get to Spain as often as possible to soak up as much sun, good vibes, and great beer as we can. But in the process, we’ve also been known to take full advantage of the area’s more obvious delights — Cava, Natura Wine, Tapas, Sidra. Now that we’ve decided to bring our compatriots over to the old country to experience Europe’s liveliest and fastest-growing beer scene for themselves, we can also offer some of the best traditional food and drink in the world.

How about a nice glass of Agullons? Join Shelton Brothers on tour!

Great people, great food, great beer (and wine, and cava), great bars, the ocean, mountains, and one of the world’s greatest cities? You gotta see and taste this.

The Spanish countryside is beautiful.

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