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Belgium & France

DATES: May 3 – 9, 2020

Every year, thousands of travelers flock to Brussels for lambic, and to Paris for wine. Yet very few are aware of the newly-revived farmhouse ale culture lying directly between the two, just a few kilometers away. The pastoral beauty of northern France and southern Belgium affords passionate travelers a unique and underappreciated glimpse into the living culture of saisons, biere de gardes, and other traditional brews being made the old-fashioned way, in their historical home.

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Barcelona & Beyond

DATES: October, 2020

Over the past ten years, Spain has discovered a serious taste for craft beer.  In the city & surroundings of Barcelona, in particular, a growing concentration of quirky DIY breweries and pubs has sprung up, courtesy of the most passionate, enthusiastic and just-plain fun group of new brewers & publicans in the world.  There’s a secret beer party going on, and we have the password.

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DATES: July 22 – July 30, 2020

Franconia, in the very north of Bavaria, has largely ignored the craft beer explosion, and for good reasons — its tiny, local artisanal house brewers never disappeared, and its larger, more industrial brewers continue to produce a range of distinct, regional styles. With its countless kellers and biergartens, in addition to a full calendar of folk festivals, the area is a treasure trove for the beer traveler.

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