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Jean Van Roy discusses authentic lambics with some of our guests.

For over twenty years, beer aficionados around the world have recognized Shelton Brothers as more than just importers. They see us as unique leaders and long-time influencers in craft-beer — people with global experience and first-hand knowledge, who know their stuff.

A great time was had by all at Kulmbacher Bierwoche

Now, after two decades of importing, and nearly a decade curating our cutting-edge festival, we embark on our most ambitious mission: Bringing you to the source.

Beering in Barcelona. Cheers!

Shelton Brothers Insider Tours continues our tradition of featuring the world’s highest-quality, most authentic beers. But, because we are partners and friends with the brewers we visit, we offer a kind of beer travel experience that other companies can’t.

Our tours skip the big-box-destinations and scripted guided tours, instead we hit the breweries we think really matter. We explore pubs, biergartens, and kellers that others don’t know about. And we spend time with the actual producers, immersing ourselves in their day-to-day culture, while enjoying insider, VIP treatment at their breweries and festivals.  This is the way we’ve always done beer travel. And now we invite you to join us.

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“Each trip has been a whirlwind of rambling fun, rustic countryside and some of the most notable traditional beers in the world. We’ve wandered the dark bierkellars below Annafest, drunk beer in monastic caves and had many memorable experiences in the breweries and the charming biergartens of the region. Now that these biery adventures are available to the general public I can suggest you pack your bags and go early and often.”

– Dann Pacquette (Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project)

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